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Granite and Marble Cleaning & Restoration in CT

New marble and granite countertops and floors are installed daily every year and eventually, they will need cleaning attention. Stone maintenance and restoration requires the help of a skilled professional. At Simply Magic Services, we are trained to restore your home or business back to its original glory.

We begin by preparing your surfaces by pre-cleaning and masking non-treatment areas. In some circumstances, we pre-seal to maintain a dry surface. Our specialized cleaners and grease cutters work away at the surface to remove any coatings and dirt. Any stubborn stains can be removed with specialized poultice powders and methods. After rinsing off your granite or marble, we begin polishing your surfaces with specialized diamond grits and powders to return their wonderful polish. The polishing restoration process is anywhere from 4 to 10 steps.  Once your floors, tabletops, walls, or counters are freshly polished they are sealed with stone penetrating impregnator to guard against discoloration and stains. See our Stone Care Guide page.

Countertop or Floor Cleaning Services in Connecticut

Periodic professional cleaning and restoration is a great way to protect your investment. At Simply Magic Services, we offer a variety of services to clean and maintain the granite and marble in your home or business. Set up an appointment today for your granite and marble cleaning!

granite and marble cleaning services