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Stone & Grout Sealing Services in Connecticut

You’ve recently installed a new stone floor or had your stone surface restored, but how can you protect it so you can enjoy it for many years? One very easy way to help retain your stones’ beauty is through stone and grout sealing. Sealants or impregnators offer many benefits to your stone surface by making them easier to clean, stain-resistant, and increase the longevity of your floors and countertops. Stone sealers should be penetrating or impregnators that allow the stone to breathe. Stone Impregnators are below the surface sealers and used for porous materials, such as, stone and cement grout. Sealers that are coatings will damage the stone over time and are not recommended.

The process begins when the surface is completely mopped and cleaned using tile cleaner or after restoration or refinishing. The wet sealer will begin to penetrate the surface or grout immediately and will not be allowed to dry. After 10 -15 minutes the excess sealer will be removed and the stone buffed. The sealing takes 24-48 hours to fully cure but can be walked on after about 4 hours.

Countertop or Backsplash Repair in CT

Sealing is a great way to protect your new or restored stone or grout. At Simply Magic Services we offer a variety of services to clean and maintain your home or business. Set up an appointment today for your Stone & Grout Sealing!